Writing a yearbook message from the principal

In order to assess the effectiveness of using phonics the researchers trained adults to read in a new language, printed in unfamiliar symbols, and then measured their learning with reading tests and brain scans.

Relationships between oral reading rates for letters, words, and simple text in the development of reading achievement. Factors which may influence the development of automaticity in reading are discussed. But increasing fluency requires more practice, more support, and more guided oral reading than either of these strategies can deliver.

Results suggest that early literacy education should focus on the systematicities present in print-to-sound relationships in alphabetic languages, rather than teaching meaning-based strategies, in order to enhance both reading aloud and comprehension of written words.

Psychology in the Schools, How to get recreational reading to increase reading achievement. Words and their message. Researchers tested whether learning to read by sounding out words is more effective than focusing on whole-word meanings.

Reading Research Quarterly, 20, Round Robin seems like a good idea since it focuses the class on oral reading.

The method of repeated readings. Results suggest that over short periods of time, increases in reading speed with the repeated reading method depend on the amount of shared words among stories, and that if stories have few shared words, repeated reading is not more effective for improving speed than an equivalent amount of nonrepetitive reading.

A study examined the relative effectiveness of repeated readings and listening-while-reading in promoting reading fluency. The highest-rated formula was accurate 79 percent of the time. A model of information processing in reading is described in which visual information is transformed through a series of processing stages involving visual, phonological and episodic memory systems until it is finally comprehended in the semantic system.

When coupled with effective pedagogy, voice recognition tools can provide valuable assessments that reach beyond the human capacities of the average public school classroom teacher. The conclusion from these studies is that recreational reading by itself has no effect on reading achievement — teachers and instruction are the critical variables in the relationship of recreational reading to reading ability.

Good readers at both ages showed rereading benefits only when the prior reading was of the intact text, with no reliable benefit from experience with words only. Read full article Fluency:This study showed that learning to read by sounding out words (a teaching method known as phonics) has a dramatic impact on the accuracy of reading aloud and comprehension.

Writing a yearbook message from the principal
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