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The Spanish forced Indians to work as slaves in gold and silver mines and also on sugar plantations. First published by University of California Press The war between the colonies resumed inlasting until This placed the colony at a great military disadvantage against the British.

Then the British and American strength, fed by British sea powerbegan to tell. Fort Saint Louis was established in Texas inbut was gone by It was granted the colony of New France, then comprising the whole St. Little, Brown, and Co. The utter devastation caused by the white man was literally incredible, and not until the population figures are examined Title resources spanish and french colonies americas led d the extent of the havoc become evident.

The fur trading post of Tadoussac was founded in Then, the war against the English took over in the War of the Spanish Succession. The second factor was disease. Still, the early 20th century saw a stream of immigration of poor people and political exiles from Spain to the former colonies, especially Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.

Four years later, Champlain made his first trip to Canada in a trade mission for fur. The population of New France reached subsequently in and in He was again governor from to and again to In the end, the North Pacific rivalry proved too costly for Spain, who withdrew from the region inleaving little more than a few place names.

Under the Sovereign Council, the population of the colony grew faster. A small group of French troops were left on Parris Island, South Carolina in to build Charlesfortbut left after a year when they were not resupplied by France.

Although this was a small engagement, it is significant in that it was the deepest penetration of the Spanish into the Great Plainsestablishing the limit to Spanish expansion and influence there. Britain and Spain in America, — New Haven: After the s, the flow was inverted.

Although he had no formal mandate on this trip, he sketched a map of the St. He believed that it was close to New Spain by drawing a map on which the Mississippi seemed much further west than its actual rate.

New France

John Law encouraged Germansparticularly Germans of the Alsatian region who had recently fallen under French ruleand the Swiss to emigrate. Spanish settlements in North America had one purpose only: InChamplain founded a fur post that would become the city of Quebecwhich would become the capital of New France.

Lusson at Sault Ste. The Mississippi Company arranged for ships to bring more, who landed in Louisiana indoubling the European population.

What Were the Differences Between British and Spanish Colonization of America?

However, at the beginning of the 17th century, France was more interested in fur from North America. Fur trade contractsigned in Ville-Marie Montrealfor canoe transport of merchandise to be traded for beaver pelts in Michilimackinac and Chicagou Chicago. He set up a maritime expedition with four ships and emigrants, but it ended in disaster when he failed to find the Mississippi Delta and was killed in The colonies freed themselves, often with help from the British Empirewhich aimed to trade without the Spanish monopoly.

Four hundred Spaniards were killed in the revolt and the Spanish lost control of New Mexico. Despite this rapid expansion, the colony developed very slowly.

It helped the foundation of a settlement on Saint Croix Islandthe first French settlement in the New World, which would be given up the following winter. Prisoners were set free in Paris in September onwards, under the condition that they marry prostitutes and go with them to Louisiana. This was the work of Canadians, with little help from France.

Inthe King of Spain gave Alejandro Malaspina command of an around-the-world scientific expedition, with orders to locate the Northwest Passage and search for goldprecious stones, and any AmericanBritish, or Russian settlements along the northwest coast.

They reached the mouth of the Arkansas and then up the river, after learning that it flowed into the Gulf of Mexico and not to the California Sea Pacific Ocean. Relations between the French and Indians were usually peaceful.

Had the French territories been sparsely settled, there would have been a "Spanish and Indian War" which obviously there was not. Cartier attempted to create the first permanent European settlement in North America at Cap-Rouge Quebec City in with settlers but the settlement was abandoned the next year after bad weather and attacks from Native Americans in the area.

However, the low density of population in New France remained a very persistent problem.Home Essays Title: How Resources from Title: How Resources from Spanish and French Colonies in the Americas Led to the Decline of Spain and the Enrichment of France.

Topics: Americas the British and Spanish colonies were some of the strongest and most productive colonies in history. The English Colonies In the s, English settlers arrived in North America –English colonization differed from Spanish & French because the English gov’t had no desire to create a centralized empire in the New World –Different motivations by English settlers led to different types of colonies.

Full Answer. The Spanish colonies settled in Central and South America. Referred to as the "empire of conquest," their colonization was somewhat brutal when it came to dealing with the indigenous people, but ultimately involved integration.

Sample Test: Colonialism and Foundations of America What was a result of the French and Indian War that led directly to the American Revolution?

A The British lost most of their colonies in the Americas.

Spanish colonization of the Americas

B French. The French colonization of the Americas began in the 16th century, and continued on into the following centuries as France established a colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere.

France founded colonies in much of eastern North America, on a number of Caribbean islands, and in South America. Transcript of Compare and Contrast the British, French and Spanish Empires. Compare and Contrast the British, French and Spanish Empires in America.

Explorers came over to find gold Spanish Colonies grew quickly Spanish Empire First Spanish College was found in in mexico They treated the Pueblo Indians poorly which lead to Battle of.

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Title resources spanish and french colonies americas led d
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