The importance of conservation to wildlife

In addition, the program exposes participants to the use of nontoxic shot to develop hunter confidence in lead-free shot shell alternatives.

Emily Voldstad, Director of Conservation Certification and Technology, Wildlife Habitat Council Do you think of our Conservation Certification website as just a place to upload your latest application for review? Learn how visitors can remotely experience environmental projects through the use of virtual reality VR and experience a placed-based educational mobile game that is designed to teach kids about conservation and safety in their public lands, delivering unique interpretive content in a fun and interactive way.

Learn how referendums are passed to provide funds to clean up past pollution, purchase land and restore land, and how those funds can then be used to buy out large corporate land holdings.

Establishing, maintaining and reviewing credibility of your programs not only promotes biodiversity efforts, but will also yield a greater ROI. With a Global Standard for the identification of Key Biodiversity Areas KBAs finalized inand the guide for responsible business operations being released this year, you will also have the chance to explore the guidance and provide input on its usefulness to business operations.

Technical Series Beyond the Roosting Box: Technical Series Nature Trails: This session will also explore how lands of all sizes are being used to bring native plants and animals back to urban settings at relatively low costs and with easy maintenance.

Learn about the data analysis tools that support consultants and engineers to help businesses and industry comply effectively with these requirements.

Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students. The thought-provoking case studies highlighted in this session include a look at remediation and mitigation projects from liability management that extend beyond satisfying regulatory requirements, the advantages of synergies with operations, and the utilization of ecosystem service opportunities provided by the landscape to help facilitate divestiture.

Whether you have yet to enter your program or have already applied, learn tips to use the website and improve your program. This workshop will provide you with simple guidance and rules to develop monitoring protocols for WHC projects and will emphasize the difference between describing the project versus actually monitoring the project to help you improve your monitoring and application.

Through a combination of presentations, self-assessments and interactive exercises, you will explore State Wildlife Action Plans, watershed plans, and other strategies that can address specific conservation needs, improve the credibility of your conservation efforts, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, and connect beyond your fence-line.

Business plays a critical role as a catalyzer of sustainable development, supporting conservation and management activities on both land and sea.

This general session emphasizes the importance of partnerships between the business and conservation worlds, and will highlight strategies to balance the needs for growing economies, feed a burgeoning human population, and preserve an increasingly fragile ecosystem.

Visitors to the Taste of the Wild booth sample a variety of wild game while enjoying the activities and booths at the event. These tools also help managers understand their managed resources and check the status of the environment using simulations and 2D and 3D visualizations like those available in ArcGIS Pro.

Meant as a capstone for this passionate group of volunteers, this informal meeting is open to interested in learning the results and sharing in the information. Put your data to good use by carefully planning your monitoring efforts, critically reviewing your project findings, and responding with an appropriate action.

The Grady County WMA is being managed with extra emphasis on quail, with prescribed fire and grazing to increase vegetational diversity and structure.

Jessica Hughes, Environmental Engineer, Monsanto Company Steve Roy, Principal, Ramboll Environ Most often found in urban and suburban settings, green infrastructure projects are used to mitigate environmental challenges using vegetation, soils and natural processes as part of a living, engineered solution.

Familiarize yourself with the overall categories and themes of the website so you can fully understand the application questions to help map out your projects and plan your overall program, and find out the benefits of entering your projects early on.

Case studies reveal how public-private partnerships are an effective tool to support conservation in marine protected areas, solving critical problems that threaten conservation of marine species and their habitats, and details how one company spearheaded a lakeside restoration by galvanizing its own employees, local and national NGOs, and governmental partners into action.

The primary objective on all lands owned or managed by the Department is the sound management and use of fish and wildlife resources.

The STEP program offers a broad range of learning opportunities for beginners as well as experienced hunters with special emphasis on teaching basic wing-shooting techniques and fundamentals.

Examples will show how the data you collect can be used to minimize impacts to sensitive areas, prioritize areas for protection and restoration, and inform conservation easements.

This General Session features a panel of business and conservation thought leaders, who will address corporate social responsibility in a changing political climate. Learn about technology and specific techniques to improve monitoring, and how to use your gathered data to improve your program.

The much-welcomed and appreciated donation represents an approx. We will also explore practical considerations and relative cost-benefits of the different inventory approaches.

Jennifer Rigby, Director, The Acorn Group Leading a walk on a nature trail requires more than calling out the names of plants and animals. This session will reveal guiding points of interpretation that will help you turn an ordinary nature walk into a powerful, transformative experience. This is the essence of interpretation.

Technical Series Conservation Alignments: Corporations, however, operate in the global market and are influenced by long-term strategic plans. Rick Black, Principal Scientist, Stanley Consultants Environmental mandates and regulations run the gamut from floodplain, wetlands and sensitive species, to mine land reclamation and natural disaster recovery programs.

Designed for 4thth graders, the curriculum covers archery history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement.WHO WE ARE: The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) with its employees are responsible for managing Oklahoma's fish and wildlife resources and habitat.

About the ODWC

WHAT WE BELIEVE: The state's fish and wildlife belong to all Oklahomans and should be managed so their populations will be sustained forever. HOW WE ARE FUNDED: ODWC does not receive general state tax.

The Conservation Conference, Nov. at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, is the leading conference of corporate and conservation professionals who come together for a 2-day experience of learning, networking and celebrating corporate conservation achievements.

The importance of conservation to wildlife
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