Symbolism in the house of bernada alba essay

Another part of Bernarda, which I feel is important to emphasise to the audience, is her constant need to be above everyone else and how highly she thinks of herself. Lorca uses the play to describe what it was like for women living at the time of the civil war. This reinforces the sense of authority and control as she spoke with loud volume and a patronising tone.

Tell them the bells should ring twice at dawn. The tone used by the Maid suggests how shocked and disguisted she was at Poncia stealing. In religion white is perceived as being a religious colour that priests wear which symbolizes purity.

The audience were constantly thinking about what Bernarda will say and this is what he wanted to achieve. The House Of Bernarda Alba Essay Oct 18, 0 The House Of Bernarda Alba Essay Explain the significance of the opening scene and as a director explain what impact you would like the scene to have on the audience and how you would achieve this.

Arched doorways with jute curtains edged with tassels Symbolism in the house of bernada alba essay ruffles. Bernarda enters, leaning on a cane and there is a silence which creates tension and intimidation. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

And also it sets the moral standards and rules that Bernada sets out to follow however they get twisted and broken along the way. In the kitchen we hear all of the women go into prayer for the departed, this is ironic as none of them really care.

Fredrico Garcia Lorca has created quite a humorous scene as some of the things the cleaners say about Bernarda is funny. Lastly we see adultery at the end of Act 1 when we here about the young woman being chased down the road after she had committed adultery.

In the play we see a lot of religion however we dont see much Christianity as the house seems to be lacking the simple moral rules set up by the Christian faith. Every single person is in black so there is a contrast between the white room.

Again, adding to the idea of Bernarda controlling and keeping her daughters inside away from any men. When the mourners enter the room when they return from the funeral we meet Bernarda for the first time.

This therefore means that they are talking Gods name in vein, none of them care about what has gone on they are just performing a ritual for the departed, it could be seen as Bernada is ordering God what to do by going through with this ritual.

So again, building and building the tension. She dominates the stage and then leads the prayers.

”The House of Bernada Alba” by Garcia Lorca Essay Sample

We hear a lot of gossip and smutty talk from both the men and women which is clearly unchristian, they are all guilty of impure thoughts. He created a simple picture however a very memorable one. The play is about a family of women in which all the daughters all love the same man, a marriage is planned between the oldest daughter Angustias and the man, Pepe el Romano, however this marriage is for money not for love, Pepe actually loves Adela.

In the play there is a strong male influence however no men actually speak in the play, it always shows men to be outside in the open whilst the women cooped up inside in the house. We see gluttony through Poncia and the servant stealing food from the kitchen and not sharing any with the beggar woman.

Also at this point Bernada says that the only man that women should be looking at in church is the priest as hes wearing a skirt and therefore emasculating him, this is obviously unchristian.

It also tells us how Bernarda feels the need to impress her neighbours constantly as she always wants to be the best and to control her daughters. There is a lot of imagery in the story however a lot of it stems from religion, for example the play begins with the ringing of church bells, they cause the servant to get a headache.

The two cleaners then begin to steal food from the cupboards of Bernardas house. We see the lack of religion in the household when we see the lack of charity from both Bernada and the servant. No one will say anything!

The sound also adds to the tension as it is a loud, bold sound and the audience feel as if the must not make a single sound or movement. Another sin we see is lust, throughout the play we see Bernada and her lust for power and Pepe trying to marry into power.

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The House Of Bernarda Alba Essay

She entered freely and without a care because there was nobody to give her into trouble for slouching or scuffing her feet.

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The House of Bernarda Alba Critical Essays

The House Of Bernarda Alba. Explain the significance of the opening scene and as a director explain what impact you would like the scene to have on the audience and how you would achieve this. The play ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ is written by Frederico Garcia Lorca. In order to arrive at the central idea in Federico Garcia’s last play, “House of Bernarda Alba”, the title is the first factor to be reflected on.

Lorca has not presumably named the play “Bernarda Alba”, or. Study Guide for The House of Bernarda Alba The House of Bernarda Alba study guide contains a biography of Federico García Lorca, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The fan—Adela gives Bernarda a round fan decorated with red and green flowers: a symbol of Adela’s sexual frustration. The red represents passion while the green represents lust. The cane—Symbolizes the power and sovereignty of Bernarda over her daughters.

The House of Bernarda Alba Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The House of Bernarda Alba is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Symbolism in the house of bernada alba essay
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