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In each major step of our lives, we all face this crossroads. We are breeding thousands of new terrorists, desperate poor people who have nothing, whose backs are up against the wall, and who have learned from our total violence to adopt the lunacy of violence, even suicidal violence, to strike back, blow up trains and buses, and spend their lives spreading fear.

I believe that with the leadership of the United Nations, and an Apollo program type of commitment, the wealthy countries of the world now have the technology and resources Stop terrorism end Stop terrorism of humanities overwhelming, often unreported, suffering.

Adopt the wisdom and practice of active nonviolence, as Gandhi and Dr.

Join your local peace and justice group. The way the body successfully fights a virus is with helper T-cells that stop the virus from multiplying.

We want the world to be a better place. As Gordon and Corinne so Stop terrorism stated, the only way to end terrorism is to end the pain and suffering which makes it possible.

How does this relate to the "war on terrorism" and the crisis we all face? That morning, hundreds of us will converge on Los Alamos, New Mexico, the birthplace of the bomb, and citing the book of Jonah, we will put on sackcloth and ashes, repent for the sin of war and nuclear weapons, and beg the God of peace for the disarmament of the world.

We cannot end terrorism by using the methods of terrorism to bomb and kill Iraqis, to occupy Iraq, to support the terrorist occupation of the Palestinians, and to hold the world hostage with our nuclear weapons.

Send us food and medicine instead, and fund nonviolent, democratic Stop terrorism for peace. Study and teach the wisdom of nonviolence. Explain how such a world is possible if we give our lives for it, demand it, insist on it, work for it, and begin to live it. This is like trying to eliminate a virus by removing one cell at a time, while damage to the host body the worldincreases with each violent removal, and more illnesses terrorists are generated.

Why are people who espouse violence--including most Americans, most TV commentators, most government officials, even most church people--so upset about these terrorist attacks, when they themselves support terrorism upon sisters and brothers elsewhere on the planet? I reject violence and espouse only nonviolence, but I know that most Americans support, even relish violence, anything for "God and country," they say.

As I watch the TV news reporters and commentators, I am amazed at their lack of understanding. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do.

However, I am equally upset by the ongoing U. Or, will we choose to grow in awareness and compassion unconsciously and painfully, forced by world events to experience the same suffering as others have been experiencing, but in our own lives, within our own lands, upon our own doorsteps?

The only option or choice is whether we will grow consciously and joyously or unconsciously and painfully. How do we stop terrorism? There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. If you want other nations to hold you in high regard, you first have to hold other nations in high regard, and treat every human being on the planet as a sister and brother.

Jesus taught us that as the soldiers were dragging him away to his death when he said, "Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Announce the vision of a new nonviolent world, a disarmed world, a world without war, poverty, injustice or nuclear weapons.

For me, then the question, "How to Stop Terrorism? Stop business as usual, government as usual, media as usual, war as usual and demand peace, justice, and disarmament for the whole world, now. Which will we choose together? In a search for deeper understanding, not justification of terrorism, I invite you to ask yourself, "how does a beautiful newborn child transform into a terrorist?

I remember Stop terrorism sadness meeting thousands of Iraqis in when I led a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners to Baghdad. One choice is for insensitivity, resulting in passivity.

Because of people like you, another world is possible. Common Dreams is not your normal news site. On that new day, we will sow the seeds of love and peace and discover what a world without terrorism, war, poverty, and fear is like. Terrorist organizations often provide a distorted sense of meaning and purpose for disempowered people.The government has had psychotronic (mind interacting) technology since the 50's.

Other nations developed them too. That is what the cold war was all about. The approach that can stop terrorism from multiplying lies in developing a long term plan, supported and financed by all nations of the world, that addresses the basic needs of all people on the planet, and helps them in an equitable, fair way.

Stop creating terrorism - governments actually create most of these people. In the s and '70s, the Soviet Union created a lot of terrorist groups like the Red Brigades in.

May 23,  · As the Manchester attack shows, terrorism in the West is likely to continue. Effective security measures can decrease the number of attacks, but domestic resilience remains vital. It isn’t that terrorism, or gun deaths, are unimportant; or that status quo policies are obviously correct; or that those who want to do more are necessarily incorrect; or that it is wrong to point to costs of inaction when making one’s case for action.

The latest Tweets from Stop Terrorism (@StopTerrorisme). President of Stop ultimedescente.comring Radicalisation and Violent Extremism. Learning to live together in peace and harmony.

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Stop terrorism
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