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As we will learn in subsequent chapters, barriers to entry have important implications for the long-run profits a firm will earn in a market.

They advertise primarily on a local basis, and advertised prices vary dramatically from city to city. Apart from the fact that they are trying to get you to buy the product in the short term, the long-term aim is to create brand loyalty. Business continuity teams gained mobile access to business continuity plans with an embedded emergency response icon.

Team members can access downloaded versions of the plans anytime, even if cell networks are down. Plus, if a plan required update, managers would have to print new documentation to add to the binder, and some associates might still have an old copy of the plan. Note that you can only use one transaction coupon at a time, but you can use as many product coupons as you want, as long as you have met the purchasing requirements.

Patents A patent is something that a firm may apply for if it has just invented a genuinely original product. Staples already had anchor stores, extensive warehouses, distribution channels, and a web site. Sawyer said she was impressed that In Case of Crisis offered all the capabilities that Staples would require.

What factors have contributed to its success? Documents are hosted off site to ensure emergency plans and incident reporting are always available, even if IT infrastructure fails. In this case, the exercise need not be hypothetical. Obviously, the larger the industry you intend to enter, the bigger the capital and sunk costs and the bigger the barrier to entry and exit.

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Economies of scale also can create a barrier to entry. Hire Writer Office Depot has been the most aggressive and lowest-price competitor, in turn forcing Staples and OfficeMax to compete more aggressively. So long as the additional profit from the price increase exceeds the profits lost from those consumers who turned to substitutes, the price Staples case would be profitable overall and the particular grouping of products is deemed to be a separate market for antitrust purposes.

It is crucial for Staples to develop and maintain customer relationship besides offering availability of merchandise. Sawyer said she appreciates the streamlined nature of the app. Even were a market defined to include the other retailers of office supplies who both Staples and Office Depot contend compete at least to some degree with office superstores, the combined market share of the defendants raises competitive concern.

In both cases, the brand name is so entrenched that most people use the brand name as the generic name for the product. This will enable Staples to add more users and incorporate additional plans as needed. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Assignment 1 — Staples Brief Synopsis Staples is in the office products industry with two other main competitors: The knowledge of this extra power would put off new firms from entering the car industry. Thus, Staples had to differentiate itself from other office supply retailers by adding more value to office supplies.

Finally, the merger eliminates future competition in many additional metropolitan areas, including four where Office Depot and Staples planned or had planned to compete with one another in the next few months.

For example, the Internet website brings more products which could not be shown in Staples Very Bright White Multipurpose Case Copy/Laser/Inkjet Printer Paper, 98 Brightness, Heavier 22 lb, Letter Size ( x 11), Sheets Carton (): Office Products/5(4).

Case cvEGS Document Filed 05/17/16 Page 8 of 75 B. Defendants Staples and Office Depot Established as big-box retail stores in the s, Staples and Office Depot are publicly traded corporations. Compl. ~1 29 and Staples is the largest office supplier of.

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In this case, the relevant markets include 42 metropolitan areas where both Staples and Office Depot operate Staples case superstores and the numerous metropolitan areas throughout the country where — but for this merger — Staples and Office Depot had planned to be competitors in the near future.

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Staples case
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