Problems faced by working women

This is the new generation of women, who wants to pursue their dream career. Lack of Intimacy with Spouses: This means that the mothers are largely responsible for housework and childcare even today. Obviously, following such a lifestyle will have its effects on the mental and physical well-being of the person.

8 Problems Faced By Working Mothers And Ways to Overcome Them

In many families, women do not have a voice in anything while in several families; the women may have a dominating role. And age factors in as well. Looking at how hard it is to be a working mother, choosing this lifestyle does not seem like a good idea. This can leave a working woman stressed and anxious; more so if the family is not supportive.

Working women here are referred to those who are in paid employment. However, occasionally, one does Problems faced by working women across a woman who is able to maintain a busy career, and a great family simultaneously, without letting it affect her adversely in any way.

To get there, more opportunity for more women must be supplemented by public and private efforts to raise awareness of persistent workplace inequity, and to inspire women to press for change and unleash their full potential.

Problems Faced by Working Women

AptParenting Staff Last Updated: This is because the allowance amount reduces with higher income brought in by the couple. The current state of women-owned businesses in the U. Studies have also shown that a majority of them would like to become full-time mothers or work from home, if their financial situation permitted them to do so.

That number changes drastically in India, where six in 10 women are confident that they earn the same amount. Safety of Working Women While Traveling Typically, the orthodox mindset in the Indian society makes it difficult for a working woman to balance her domestic environment with the professional life.

But this life is not a bed of roses for all. Let us find out. Yet not many speak out against it. However, because employers provide paid sick leaves only for unwell employees, women have to use their annual leaves or take unpaid leaves to tend to the child.

Although the concept of a working mother was alien and taboo in the past, the current economic conditions around the world have made it difficult for families to live comfortably under just one wage. On an average, working mothers earn lesser than women without children despite their qualification and commitment to their jobs.

Lack of Time for Personal Interests: This is usually the case in factories and labor-oriented industries.

A major problem faced by the working women is sexual harassment at the work place. One has to fulfill the demand at work followed by various demands at home. While the extra money brought in by a working woman can provide a healthier lifestyle for her family, the lack of care and supervision can also lead to negative effects on their health.

Although these are wealthy countries, women there are reliant on nannies or nurseries that can be costly and not readily available. Initially, it was believed that a working woman in India is not entitled to claim maintenance, as she is capable of maintaining herself.

This leads to low job satisfaction, psychological issues, and greater chances of quitting the job. According to survey conducted by ASSOCHAM, on women professionals, around 80 per cent of the households expect their daughters-in-law to prioritize household requirements over the official work.

Fatigue, stress, and anger towards their spouse for not doing his share of household chores, are seen as the major causes for this problem. Even if they do find time, they are sometimes too tired, and the only aim in life seems to extract more time to sleep each day.

Rajinderpal Kaur Sidhu, Reader and Dr. This is also due, in part, to a wage gap that is far more complex than a single dollar figure.

This has had its own share of problems. No matter how the responsibilities for managing the family have been divided, some time and energy has to be set aside for oneself and for each other.

Due to the fact that both parents are working, childcare facilities have to be arranged for the kids.A major problem faced by the working women is sexual harassment at the work place.

Further, women employees working in night shift are more vulnerable to such incidents. Nurses, for example, face this problem nearly every day. PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES FACED BY URBAN WORKING WOMEN IN INDIA A Dissertation Submitted to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, in Partial Fulfillment of.

Problems faced by Working Women by Munmun Garg - “Nature has given women too much power, the law gives them too little.” In the contemporary world, wom. Problems Faced by Women at Workplace Sexual Harassment It is a major issue that women face at their workplace and many women fall victim of sexual harassment at workplace.

Challenges and Problems Faced By Women Workers in India Azadeh Barati Research Scholar in Commerce, the real condition of Indian working women and also make an effort to clear main problems of working women. Keywords: challenges, problems, traditional, women workers.

Women business owners and working women face certain challenges and obstacles that men do not.

Problems Faced by Working Women in India

Working women who have children experience even more demands on time, energy and resources, and women face gender discrimination in business and on the job. But women are not less successful than men, in fact, statistics show that women are starting businesses at more than twice the rate of all other.

Problems faced by working women
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