Positioning of pacific coffee

The ownership of Pacific Coffee Company by Chevalier Group provides a potential opportunity to differentiate its brand name in China market.

As a result, PCC can leverage the expertise of the Fujitsu team to ensure that any solutions deployed are the most suitable and cost effective.

Having encountered various problems with POS terminals from previous vendors, PCC was looking for a solution with stable and standardized performance as well as quality ongoing service support.

The strong brand loyalty and its uniqueness are to differentiate itself from its rivals such as Starsbuck and Positioning of pacific coffee and charge a premium price for its products.

Pacific Coffee makes an effort through in-store marketing to promote new menu items or value priced package deals to support ongoing marketing and promotional initiatives.

It would also be recommended to consider signing Pacific Coffee into contract of the property development projects for which Chevalier Group is the major developer in cities such Positioning of pacific coffee Chengdu, Beijing, Heifei and Changchun. The in-house design team had to handle menu updates, including design and production across shops in a timely manner.

Pacific Coffee annual report 8. The pacific coffee has introduced broad-band Internet access so that the people can keep in touch with business or hold meeting while enjoying in their coffee offers.

Pacific Coffee Company

In terms of horizontal differentiation, the Company uses matrix-in-the-mind concept, which is assisted by electronic integrating devices such as online teleconferencing, email and global intranets across different parts of the operations, both globally and domestically.

Recommendation is made for management to consider university undergraduate who would have a better language skill and an open mentality to be trained.

This is part of the aim of Pacific Coffee for achieving superior responsiveness to customers. To improve efficiency and productivity Performance of existing POS system no longer met business requirements In face of shortage of talent, the company is looking for ways to maintain its applications To reduce the significant manpower resources and paper usage required in changing the traditional menu Benefits: Moreover, pacific Coffee also intends to speed up business by co-operating or setting joint ventures in Mainland China and pursuit of licensing opportunities to finding local partners to accelerate expansion of the our outlet network in the region.

Corporate and Business level strategy To expand its lifestyle food and beverage business and strengthen its position and be one of the fast growing west restaurant chain in beverage by establishing the reputation of its restaurant operation for quality menus, creative presentations of carefully prepared food and extensive wine selection via horizontal integration and acquisition.

With a view to provide an enhanced and complementary food and beverage solutions, the management should consider formulating strategies which would bring interaction between these two successful business lines to generate maximum benefits for the group.

We have a team of dedicated people that assist our franchisees in understanding the important factors when selecting locations. This is used in identifying functional areas that need improvement and reinforce its training schemes and training facilities accordingly. Therefore Pacific Coffee has built an intranet to assist franchisees to retrieve information from local store marketing tools, promotional information to manuals that help our franchisees to operate smoothly at their specific location.

Pacific Coffee strengthens the value of its products in the eyes of customers gives itself more pricing options: It should build on its agency relationship with Jura of Switzerland and Concordia a premier coffee making machine brand to further expand its wholesale market shares.

They are designed to provide variety and excitement to give customers another reason to visit Pacific Coffee.

Pacific Coffee Company Limited

We look forward to working with Fujitsu to blend technological advancement into our stores to foster stronger customer loyalty and nurture the perfect coffee experience in Hong Kong," concluded Somerville. Moreover, it allows PCC to streamline the internal human resources required.

By working with one service provider, PCC can adjust its IT infrastructure and strategy in response to market needs more efficiently and effectively. Like pacific coffee have set up a 10, sq.

Conclusion With local retail market reaching maturity, devoting resources to developing China market is a sensible step to secure and enlarge its future pool of revenue based on its established competitive advantages. This business line Positioning of pacific coffee in and since then it has been successful in selling branded products and providing coffee service to corporate customers.

Value Creation Pacific Coffee customers would place a much higher value on a top-end coffee because they perceive the Pacific Coffee to have better taste and superior environment, quality and service.

Moreover, having a dual screen at the Point-Of-Sale is an effective marketing tool able to display the latest promotions or surprise offers such as birthday treats or seasonal deals. Our contracting and distribution capabilities have resulted in major cost savings that are passed on to our franchisees to enjoy.

Knowledge Transfer through Technology We value the importance of technology in this new era. The organizational structure of Pacific Coffee is that each division is led by a senior management, reporting directly to the managing director.

Pacific Coffee office remains locating in the same premise since the takeover in Training Pacific Coffee believes that people-oriented service is essential in bringing customers the best coffee experience. Such licensing retailing systems also increase the market share and improve the cost efficiency as well as reduce their operation risks.

This reflects its rapid business expansion strategy by acquisition and joint venture opportunities with local partner is successfully penetrate the beverage and food market and improve its operating and cost efficiency. Serious consideration should be given to large shopping malls and areas where the expatriate community gathers.

To control quality of product, it has to begin with the frontline staff in their coffee shop. Although PCC maintains its leadership position, the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity across all branches. PCC wanted to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this process while driving down material cost and paper use.

This organizational structure will create more capacity for strategic business units and also enable the company to align closer to its customers and staff through better information flow. Conclusion "We started our cooperation with Fujitsu at the front line, and since then, we have developed confidence in Fujitsu as our trusted partner.

This central management frees up manpower in the coffee shop, allowing staff to focus on delivering the best customer service. This strategy is likely to be successful as Pacific Coffee does not have other local branded product to compete with and the promotion of its branded product to use with the Jura machine has a guarantee in on-going sales.Pacific Coffee Company Limited, Hong Kong Building Materials & Hardware Wholesaler, Chain Store, Retailer, Service Company.

Find Pacific Coffee Company Limited business contact, office address, year of establishment, products & services from HK suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers &. Pacific Coffee's current market size is ultimedescente.com outlet is still expand in mainland China, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia and Hong Kong ultimedescente.com are two competitors of Pacific Coffee, Starbucks and McCafé.

This is to be achieved by following a niche strategy and by positioning the brand against the values of one of the target age groups identified in Table 1 below. Pacific Coffee is one of the leading coffee chains in Hong Kong, with retail outlets in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Order a delicious cake to go with your favorite coffee now! What's more, you can enjoy our food at your own workplace too! Click here for delivery menu. ultimedescente.comive Summary This paper aims on assessing the marketing and management strategy of Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong.

In this analysis, it shows that the company has been able to hold a strong position in the HK coffee market. Pacific Coffee makes an effort through in-store marketing to promote new menu items or value priced package deals to support ongoing marketing and promotional initiatives.

They are designed to provide variety and excitement to give customers another reason to visit Pacific Coffee.

Positioning of pacific coffee
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