Level general studies coursework

An attractive feature is that students can complete minors en route to their degree. Many other schools consider it a waste of time as it distracts from other subjects which are more important in terms of fulfilling a university offer.

Candidates are therefore required to have a general knowledge of each of these fields and are examined on them accordingly. If you are a prospective student, select the most recent catalog year from the options below.

Degree Checklist The General Studies degree checklists Level general studies coursework meant to help students anticipate degree requirements. This publication is not intended to be a contract between the student and Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Academic Honors In order to be eligible to graduate with honors status, 48 of the total applied hours must be taken in residence at Texas Tech University.

Previously Completed Coursework

Personal Fitness and Wellness - 2 hours Students over age 25 are exempt. Generally, each paper will focus on one main area - science, the Arts, Society; each of which will deal with subtopics such as technology and medicine in the case of the former.

These checklists are not a replacement for an official degree audit. Foreign Language Students who have not completed four semesters of a foreign language in high school must complete two semesters of a single foreign language at the freshman level or higher.

Online and face-to-face courses are considered to be in residence. Only grades of C- or better may fulfill these requirements. Completing coursework that addresses the practical and theoretical aspects of social will best prepare social work majors for a career in this incredibly dynamic field.

Information in this Catalog is subject to change. Social work with a counseling focus involves providing therapy to help an individual on an interpersonal level or in a structured group setting. You basically just have to write essays on certain issues.

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General Studies

In consultation with their academic advisor, students have the opportunity to experiment in a variety of academic subjects through a generous amount of free electives. Students receive one-on-one personal advisement to ensure that educational and professional objectives are met within the course of study.

Any student who entered Texas Tech University under the university catalog or later is not required to complete this requirement. Many courses fulfill a core curriculum requirement and at the same time satisfy the multicultural requirement. Degree Requirements This program is designed for individuals with a diverse college background and varied educational interests that cannot be captured in a single degree program.

Any student who will graduate under a catalog prior to fall is required to complete the Technology and Applied Science requirement. The programs, policies, statements and procedures contained in this publication are subject to change or correction by the College without prior notice.

Degree Requirements

Behavioral science provides crucial knowledge on the development and needs of children, adults, senior citizens, and special populations.Depending on when such coursework was completed, and the grade(s) received, students may be advised to repeat the course or to take an advanced-level science course in order to be more competitive applicants to medical school.

Edexcel GCE AS and A level General Studies information for students and teachers, including the specification, past papers, news and support. The Sociology Option of the General Studies A.A.

degree program is a recommended program of study for students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology. Some colleges have more interdisciplinary options for their general studies requirements while others specify particular courses.

Core Courses Third, coursework pertaining directly to social work focuses on social policy, behavioral science, and human rights policy. A level general studies Review of standards March (OCR), offered A levels in general studies.

Thisapart from a change in the coursework weighting and very minor changes in the way content was described between and A general studies degree informs employers of a graduate’s ability to think creatively when problem solving and work independently at a high level with a minimum of direction.

General studies students have more options for courses which apply to their degree requirements when they .

Level general studies coursework
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