How to write a reflective journal pgce

Examples of Reflective Writing

My best experience this term has been picking up where I left off with year 8, who squealed with delight when I came back to teach them unlike Years 7 and 10, who groaned.

What have I learned about myself through this experience? I have recently heard more traditional, teachers starting to celebrate resources on well known sites and replacing their paper based worksheets and books. He was pleased to see me teach the same class he had observed back in February, and commented on how good my relationship had become with a class of students who had initially been very hostile.

Reflection can happen through writing, speaking, listening, and reading about the service experiences.

Reflecting on my reflections… #pgce

I woke up at five in the morning, thinking about how to manage a bunch of really not very scary eleven-year-olds: I teach unit 17 as part of my placement at Barnsley College.

This will undoubtedly help future classes as the size of the classroom is more suited to smaller numbers and it will mean individual exercises can be done on PCs from now on.

Log Book/Reflective Journal

However, I do think there was a certain amount of projection going on psychologically speakingbecause this runs counter to most of the feedback I have been given on all my teaching so far.

Journals are very private documents. A journal is not a diary — you are not merely recounting the happenings of the day. Write an entry after each visit.

This seems to really bring plays alive for students, and allows them to put into practice what they are supposed to comment on in their essays. The Binoculars Makes what appears distant, appear closer From your service experience, are you able to identify any underlying or overarching issues that influence the problem?

I tried to ban the use of rubbers when I was teaching the year 5 children in the community room during SATs.

Nevertheless, it seems sensible to at least offer a variety of exercises — such as the ones used in this lesson — to stimulate learners using a variety of methods. The university-based part of my course is divided into two aspects of training: What does the future hold?

I was lucky to have learned and used a great deal of ICT in my first school and to subsequently to take those skills to further placements. Learners would ideally have needed a bit more time to complete all job roles on the question sheet though - not all groups completed every job.

Yes, I could relate to Ernie because she was from Cleburne, from Cleburne, from Cleburne — interesting how your own mortality and fragility can rise up so unexpectedly and slap you in the face. Reflection For various reasons I have had less opportunity to discuss my lessons with my mentor or LSA this week.

The blockbuster quiz and the exercise on job roles enabled a variety of learning styles to be utilised by learners. It was such a thrill to use my knowledge to really help people. I could not fathom the meows, yet I knew that they meant something mighty important to Louise.

There, but for the grace of God, go I. To give an example, when approaching word problems using numbers and decimals, it is much more beneficial to use the context of shopping, pounds, pence and change.

PGCE Reflective Journal

Yesterday I had two completely rubbish lessons, and it was all down to the fact that I misjudged the difficulty of the tasks. Week 2 — All about behaviour management This week began with a final session in university to prepare for our second school placement.

A common theme running through our conversations afterwards was how relaxed and happy the teachers seemed compared to in mainstream schools. The root beer is really good, this popcorn is really, really good, the weather is very good.

Reflection Journals What is a reflection journal? I have to say that the past four weeks in school plus a lovely half term week, of course! Each entry should be at least a page or two in length.

Diary of a PGCE student

My current school has a quite unique demographic, in that it is a successful comprehensive serving a mainly affluent community. It also means that, for those with perfectionist tendencies, there is a time limit:Journal: requires you to write weekly entries throughout a semester.

May require you to base your reflection on course content. Learning diary: similar to a journal, but may require group participation. The diary then becomes a place for you to communicate in writing with other group members. Some examples of reflective writing Social.

Diary of a PGCE student. We asked Sylvia, an initial teacher trainee, to tell us about her week-to-week experiences in university and on her school placements during her PGCE year. many could not write a word.

I'm not going to get into the debate about mixed-ability teaching here, but what I did take away from the lesson was just how vast. Jul 22,  · Log Book/Reflective Journal. Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by IndigoandViolet, there was nothing left to write in my reflective journal!

I find it much easier reflecting in my lesson evaluations as it's easier to then feed them into my planning. I'm about to start a PGCE and use Evernote a lot on various projects. How do you write a reflection journal? As with any tool, beneficial use of a journal takes practice.

You must force yourself to just start writing. Excerpt from Reflective Journal – Dr. Mary Ridgway (Past Instructor for Honors Service Learning Courses) Student Leadership Retreat Community Service Session – August 15, Reflective journals are notebooks or pieces of paper that students use when writing about and reflecting on their own thoughts.

Students can take from minutes to write reflective entries in their personal journals before, during, or after a learning activity. The most important aspect of reflective journal writing is to encourage.

The Use of Reflective Journals in Initial Teacher Training. Authors. The intention of this article is to examine the role of reflective journals in Initial Teacher Training courses, and, in particular, how they can enable students to develop critical independence for professional self-appraisal.

explores the value of journal writing in.

How to write a reflective journal pgce
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