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When I came into her living room, the first person I saw was one of my neighbors. But, what about the garden variety little secrets that lead to happy endings? Growing up, I was taught that secrets are lies.

Beside the need for reproduction, it is obvious that humans need each other to truly discover who they are. For one, I do not have a poker face. The first secret I understood, the second I resented. My uncle died when I was 6, and my father asked me to keep the details from my brother who was 4 because he was too young to understand.

I remember thinking it an interesting coincidence that she knew my hostess. However, secrecy can be harmful when meant for self-serving purposes.

We know they have unconditional love, but see no reason to test it. For his last big birthday, I planned a surprise weekend at a beautiful hotel with lots of family. The result and hurt of the numerous employees, the loss of jobs and savings, all occurred due to the obscuration of truth.

This is an issue that comes up often in my writing. Since then, I gave had time to reflect upon this matter and discovered quite the same about the entire human race.

The reader wants to learn something new. Consider the catastrophe involving the energy company, Enron. In a different scenario, this concept still applies. So, this is a big birthday year for my husband. The look of total joy on her face was worth keeping that particular secret.

Not only would panic and chaos erupt from news of the mass destruction weapon, coverage by the media would instantly destroy the element of surprise for the nation. Through interaction with other human peers was Ralph able to clearly view his own being and eventually get rescued from the deadly island.

Contrastingly, deadly weapons have been created under secrecy that actually brought about societal benefits. Due to the aid of the other boys, Ralph discovered courage, leadership, and strength in himself that he did not know he possessed.

When commented to my hostess about the serendipity of it all, and she burst out laughing. Consider the delightful tale about the motley gang of young boys stranded on an island in the novel The Lord of The Flies. He was as surprised as I was that no one had told me. Everyone keeps secrets from their parents.

We used to play a game called Rommoli at big family gatherings for the holidays. However, secrecy is only harmful when meant for self-serving purpose. I was blind until you found my glasses. I was 12, and my father told me it was important to set an example for my brother so I had to keep going and not mention anything to him.

Ralph, the protagonist of the story and the reluctant leader gathers the boys and devise plans of escape.

One of my favorite surprises came after my son was born. He later confided that he could not see himself because he was standing too close.

Only the person and the purpose can justify either choice in life. Children should be raised without shame or fear, but adults have a right to some privacy. It was a matter of safety, I guess.

The secrecy behind the atomic bomb was necessary and was more beneficial than harmful. Then, in walked a friend from church, oh another interesting coincidence. Need for Other People [Original Essay] Human beings by nature are social creatures from the time of their creation.

The culprits of this operation obviously had no thoughts but their own gain and used secrecy as a deadly weapon. The more I looked at those cards, the more excited I got. The other part is that I hate to lie. Ask Me No Questions….

As a die-hard romantic, certain words stuck with me like bubble gum to hair.Keeping Secrets [Edited Essay] Secrets - a soft whisper here and a sly, mischievous smile there. This act is the part of human nature that is used as a source of power or as a defense mechanism.

However, secrecy can be harmful when meant for. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Aug 08,  · Generally, I don’t care much for keeping a secret although I realize that depends on the what and why of it.

I don’t like “skeleton in the closet” secrets, but I respect the privacy of people who confide in me. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Keeping a Secret" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

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David uses the camera to still time in hopes that he can find a instant that will make sense of his secrets he is keeping from his wife. Free Essays on Keeping Secrets. Get help with your writing.

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