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Where it might be painful for family members and friends to accept and understand how a loved one would feel as though they should be assigned to another gender, one must consider how the individual with a gender identity disorder feels.

Diagnosis Essay about gender identity disorder order to be clinically diagnosed with GID a person must observe specific characteristics or symptoms that correlate with their age, while they are examined for at least a six month period. GID is a way for the parents of homosexual children and their doctors to cope with the fact that their child is homosexual.

Counseling for children helps treat other problems that may arise on a mental level such as depression or anxiety. Boys for example will be given estrogen which is a female hormone to enlarge their breasts, decrease the size of their testes and lessen their body hair.

Some symptoms often displayed in children consist of disgust for their own genitals; feel rejected by peers and sometimes parents. Individual and family counseling is highly recommended from child and adolescents. There are surgeries that people can undergo in order to appear physically the way that he or she feels on the inside.

They often dress in the attire of the opposite sex and would rather be recognized in public as members of the opposite sex. There is so much internal struggle that person must be facing on a daily basis that it must be so much more intense than how any family or friend could even imagine.

Tras-sexuals- candid answers to private questions. Retrieved August 11, from http: Treatment for GID Since GID is still so unknown to the psychiatric and scientific fields of medicine, treatments have been adapted to help those diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

The American Psychiatric Association Essays, term papers, research papers related: In regards to the social and medical aspects people have become more accepting and understanding of the differences and perspective of the transgender or sufferers of GID.

The free Psychology research paper Gender Identity Disorder- Theirs and Mine essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Since there are no lab tests involved in the diagnosis of the disorder, the medical person should be very careful not to assume a physical illness that might ape or contribute to a psychological disorder.

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders. Gender identity disorder manifests itself differently in early pediatrics than in adolescents or adults, in that, in young children, the condition is exhibited from childhood while that in adolescents or adults is observed to intensify with time.

In girls, insistence on wearing only stereotypical masculine clothing. Society views homosexuality as "wrong" and "immoral". It is recommended that parents should closely observe the behavior of their children so that they are better placed to detect the symptoms of the disorder early enough so as to take the necessary intervention measures, such as hormone therapy.

Exercises in raising self-esteem are often practiced with children in hopes to increase self expectance. Reassignment surgery is major and cannot be reversed once the operation is complete, therefore patients opting for such a procedure must undergo extensive evaluations and transition therapy Gelfand.

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According to WebMD, in Europe, there are 1 in 30, males and 1 infemales who are diagnosed with gender identity disorder WebMD-Prevalence, Individuals suffering from this disorder will bitterly complain that they were born the wrong sex. To go through life being afraid of expressing yourself, to face social bigotry, and feeling something on the inside and not being able to convey this on the outside, feeling trapped.

Such boys will choose girls as their playmates and seam to enjoy playing with girls more than playing with boys. Hormone therapy is when sex hormones are administered to bring out secondary sexual characteristics.

The boys might for example shave their body hair and take female hormone to enlarge their breasts while the ladies will conceal their breasts by tightly binding them close to their chests. Gender identity disorder Gender identity disorder can be described as the formal diagnosis that psychologists and physicians give to individuals who experience reasonable gender dysphoria.

As one of my friends, "Wil" sadly admits, "I was born wrong. The Psychology of Sex Differences. Treatment Psychological therapy can derail the course of the disorder. In order to deal with these actualities it will take a strong family bond; medical evaluations in order to diagnose and treat; and a resilient person, willing to find their true selves and express this with out fear.

Such girls often wish that they were born with male reproductive parts and are not anxious about menstruating or growing breasts in future. Many societies have acknowledged and accepted the condition, in some cultures, even more so than homosexuality. Vitale Roughly one in 4, people in the American population are affected by GID, which has caused these individuals anguish and confusion.

They describe their reproductive organs as ugly and may desist from touching them.Living a life feeling out of place, with the wrong feelings, and in the wrong body, for a person with Gender Identity Disorder, this is how they feel day to day. According to the DSM-IV-TR, Gender Identity Disorder is characterized by a strong, persistent cross-gender identification, persistent.

(“Psychology Today”) Due to a recent change to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, “Gender Identity Disorder” will be replaced with “Gender Dysphoria”.

For the purpose of this paper those two terms will be interchangeable. Psychology term papers (paper ) on Gender Identity Disorder- Theirs and Mine: Running Head: GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER THEIRS~ Gender Identity Disorder Executive summary The paper aims at explaining the various issues.

Term paper According to American Psychiatric Association () Gender identity disorder is a mental disorder in which gender identity is dissimilar with anatomical sexual characteristics. As a result individuals with gender identity disorder experience varying degrees of.

Gender Identity Disorder Essay. Gender Identity Disorder/Gender Dysphoria Gender identity disorder (GID) or transsexualism is defined by strong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one’s own assigned sex.

Gender Identity Disorder begins to affect the individual in early childhood ("Gender Identity", ). If, by adolescence, a person isn't certain about their gender identity, most likely they never will be.

A person's sense of gender in unchangeable over that individual's lifetime once it is established (Vitale, a).

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