Equity trust law

Edward Richardson, Trainee Associate, Weil. At any one time I am typically working on several deals which may be Equity trust law different stages, so I may have a call with local counsel in another jurisdiction to discuss due diligence on a deal in its early stages, followed by a meeting to prepare for completion of a deal that is about to close, and then end the day with dinner and drinks to celebrate the closing of another deal a few weeks ago.

Although I have carried out research tasks, these have always been relevant to a specific point on a live transaction — on one particularly memorable occasion, I was asked to research a point of law that had come up at 1am a few days before closing of a big transaction.

The reason why people create trusts in the first place is explored in depth and Equity trust law Pettit focuses on carefully explaining each new concept as he introduces it. Every trainee shares an office with their training supervisor, who is a senior associate in the team.

The procedures in a court of Equity trust law were much more flexible than the courts at common law. In essence and in this case, the king, in place of the later state trustor and holder of assets at highest position issues ownership along with past proceeds equity back to the beneficiary: United States[ edit ] In modern practice, perhaps the most important distinction between law and equity is the set of remedies each offers.

The counter-argument was that Equity mitigated the rigour of the common law by looking to substance rather than to form. Almost all the work that I have been asked to do as a private equity trainee has been hands-on deal work.

Examples and scenarios illustrate how the law operates in practice and offer a contextual framework for students new to the subject. Over time, Equity developed a system of precedent much like its common-law cousin. Sir Francis, by authority of King James Iupheld the use of the common injunction and concluded that in the event of any conflict between the common law and equity, equity would prevail.

The " common law " regarded property as an indivisible entity, as it had been done through Roman law and the continental version of civil law.

November Australia[ edit ] Equity remains a cornerstone of Australian private law. At Common Law, 3rd party recipient of stolen money is liable whether receipt was innocent or not. The legal owner would hold the land for the benefit of the original owner, and would be compelled to convey it back to him when requested.

At this time, the principle of equity was born. That writ gave him the written right to re-enter his own land and established this right under the protection of the Crown if need be, whence its value. Roman law had a well-developed concept of the trust fideicommissum created by wills.

If the law provided no remedy or no efficacious remedylitigants could sometimes appeal directly to the King. Such an omission is sometimes termed a casus improvisus.

If you specialise in equity and trusts, you may find yourself making sure charities are correctly spending donated funds or resolving conflicts between families.

Equity (law)

However, in general, a litigant cannot obtain equitable relief unless there is "no adequate remedy at law"; that is, a court will not grant an injunction unless monetary damages are an insufficient remedy for the injury in question. Today three states still have separate courts for law and equity; the most notable is Delawarewhose Court of Chancery is where most cases involving Delaware corporations are decided.Understanding Equity & Trusts Third Edition Understanding Equity & Trusts is a sister text to Professor Hudson’s heavy- weight textbook Equity & Trusts and aims to give you a clear, accessible and comprehensive overview.

Basic Concepts Of Equity And Trust Revision The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Trusts and Equity Notes. This text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation. The Law of Trust was part of the received English law into Nigeria, which comprised of the Common Law, the doctrines of Equity and Statutes of General Application.

Equity and the Law of Trusts. Twelfth Edition. Philip H.

Equity & Trusts

Pettit. An exceptionally in-depth and thorough account of equity and trusts law, providing everything the student or lecturer might need to get to grips with the issues. Working with Equity Trust Company is about the simplest thing in the world. First of all, there are very few fees, and if you compare them to other companies, there’s a dramatic difference in the amount of fees that are charged.

Equity & Trusts. As a core area of law, you're going to encounter equity and trusts sooner or later. Working in equity and trusts involves navigating situations where someone has placed trust in an individual or organisation.

Equity trust law
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