Difference of athens and han china

In other words, They governed themselves. Pericles, a famous statesman, gave a speech about the government of Athens.

Difference of Athens and Han China

There was also an inner council called the Prytany, made of 50 men, who met every day to administer the the government. Back to the subject of public assemblies, said-assemblies were held in a natural amphitheater called The Pynx.

Within the background information of both Athens and Han China you can automatically notice evident differences between the two. In public affairs, we take great care not to break the laws because of the deep respect we have for them.

The fourth document is a speech by Pericles given to the people of Athens. To conclude, we see the evident difference of the great Han China and Classical Athens. How Great Were the Differences? The first document shows the maps of both empires side by side.

The easterners pay careful attention to the detail of nature in their art. No man is kept out of public office by the obscurity of his social standing because of his poverty, as long as he wishes to be of service to the state. The opportunity of power was only offered to one class of men, made Difference of athens and han china 10 generals in the armed forces who were only allowed to serve for a year.

First of all, there are onlypeople in all of Attica while Han China has 65, To better explain, it could be a journal entry of a Chinese traveler in classical Athens if he could even get over there in the first placeor vice versa, an Athenian traveler in Han China.

He thought their government should be a model to other nations. Council members were always paid for their services, but they could never serve for more than 2 years. The Chinese empire was the largest political system in the classical world.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In theory, no one remained in power long enough to become entrenched. It shows a meticulous Chinese landscape painting, most of the detail is in the trees and nature. Take a look at document 11, a painting of Channing Tatum throwing a discus, nude.

Alongside Pericles, Socrates also supported the welfare of the state. Of course, he is from Athens which would show why he is so captivated by it, but this speech basically shows that the first democracy is working out and the people are happy with it.

Finally, a good dissimilarity in the two societies would be their artwork. The second and third documents show the population distribution in both Han China and Athens. He is proud that the city is governed by the people rather than the government, and describes how admirable the structure of their government is.

We give obedience to the men who hold public office from year to year. This supports that because of all the people living in Han China, it would be less likely for them to form a democracy. In our private affairs, then, we are tolerant and avoid giving offense. Han China had almost times more people exactly 64, more people than Ancient Athens.

He speaks very highly of the democracy in Athens to show Athens is superior to other states.

The difference between Classical Athens and Han China

If the people are content then they know that heaven has accepted the new emperor. Democracy was an entirely new idea to the world around B. The individual and the State, Democracy vs.

Citizenship Ancient Athens had a very specific idea of what the perfect citizen was.

Comparing Classical Athens and Han China

In Athens, they made sure all of the power would never lay in the hands of one man, or even with a group of men. Athens was a democracy, but just barely, because only the male citizens controlled the government.

A good Athenian citizen would be interested in his affairs, as well as the affairs of the state. And not only in our public life are we free and open, but a sense of freedom regulates our day-to-day life with each other. Now, look at document Therefore, Hans China would have be more difficult to govern if each citizen had a say in the government.

Those governors would name officials to be responsible for smaller regions. The emperor stayed in power for a long time and he was regarded as the "Son of Heaven".Difference of Athens and Han China. To the question how great were the differences of classical Athens and Han china? - Difference of Athens and Han China introduction??

My interpretation is that there was a huge difference in these two empires. The differences between Classical Athens and Han China were major and distinctive. The background information, government, values of the individual, and art of each society show how differently each empire developed.

The majority of the residents in Athens was slaves, accounting for about 36% of the population, while in Han China they only had a few household slaves which fell into the category of "Mean people", which only account for about 7% of the population.4/4(1).

Size also is a big difference because Athens is a city in the area of Attica while The Han Dynasty is a little bit small than the current size of China today. Population were also two other big differences between the Han Dynasty in China and Classical Athens.

Major Differences Between Classical Athens and Han China Classical Athens and the Han Dynasty in China were two of the most famous and successful early civilizations. Even though they were in different geographical regions and existed in different centuries, they were both able to make there civilizations relevant in different ways.

How Great Were the Differences Between Han China and Ancient Athens?

Per. 6 Classical Athens and Han China share major similarities yet they have distinct differences. Their form of government was different because Han China had an emperor and Classical Athens ran a democracy. When it came to the children both Classical Athens and Han China the murder of a child was justified.

Difference of athens and han china
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