Consumer behaviour towards amul products

Percentage of Analysis In this method all the given data is converted to percentage and is represented in the form of chart diagram.

External motives are Consumer behaviour towards amul products one for eg. A thorough study of consumers and non-consumers of Milma reveals that people today are selective in their attitudes towards the purchasing of even basic necessities.

Available in 5 different variants as per the consumer preference milk beats is the milk based chocolate, white choco beats is chocolate bar.

In its endeavor to meet the ever increasing consumer demand, Milma strives to provide quality products at competitive price and at the same time ensures better remuneration to the dairy farmers of the state.

From the study made it is found that quality and brand images are important aspects which motivate consumers to buy MILMA products. A milk powder plant is set up at Aleppey with a capacity for production of 10 MT milk powder per day.

This study was conducted at the Milma Plant Ambalathara. Responsive consumers obtained a direct measure of consumer satisfaction by conducting periodic surveys. Literature Review Topic of study Consumer satisfaction an overview Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depends on the office performance in relation to the buyers expectations.

This information on flow provides the company with man good ideas and enables than to act more rapidly to the resource problems.

High satisfaction or delight creates an emotional affinity with the brand, not just a rational preference. Since may products can satisfy a given need, product choice is guided by the concept of values, cost and satisfaction. Companies that achieve high consumer satisfaction rating make sure that their target market knows it.

The objective of Milma is to provide an assured market for the milk produced by the rural milk producers and at the same time provide wholesome, clean and nutritious milk and milk product to the urban consumers fully eliminating the middlemen in the dairy sector, thereby providing maximum returns to its farmers.

Though there are large number of brands the share of each of these brands are too small. Milma palada mix is available in g packings.

Interpretation After collecting and analyzing the data, the researcher has to accomplish the task of drawing inferences followed report writing through interpretation the researcher ca expose relations and processes that underlie his findings interpretation refers to the task of drawing inferences the collected facts after an analytical study.

Milma soda is UV sterilized and available in easy carry home packs of ml and 1.

That goes dissatisfaction and satisfiers that goes satisfaction. Kerala Market Coming to Kerala Milma stalls enjoys a near monopoly in the organized milk marketing. Buying motives can be explained on the basis of the following theory of motivation.

Generally individuals are motivated to buy because of external and internal motive. And to retain the potential consumers, their changing needs and preferences should be continually monitored and MILMA should be able to supply commodities according to the expectations of the consumers.

It is a well knows source of milk in Kerala state and enjoys a monopoly status in the state especially in Trivandrum. Another variant with 3. In the dairy product category all the multinational brands are available.

However there are brands of packaged milk being sold in Kerala. The term analysis refers to the computation of certain measures along with searching from palters of selection ship that exist among data groups.

The result is high customer loyalty. The survey of consumers clarifies what they actually need, what are their complaints, what they expect from Milma etc.

The change in retail formats and opening of big retail malls like Reliance, Bharains wall mart, Trinetra etc has started the concept of store branding.

If the performance falls short of expectations the consumer is dissatisfied. The motives, which explain why a consumer purchases a product only from one seller.

Tools for measuring consumer satisfaction 1, Complaint and suggestion system A consumer centered organization makes it easy for its consumers to delivery suggestions and complaints. Most of the private brands of milk are bringing milk from other states and sell it in Kerala.

A need becomes a motive when it is aroused to a sufficient level of intensity. These villages co-operatives unit at the regional level and from Regional Co-operative unit at the regional level and from Regional Co-operative Milk Producers Unions.

Apart from these, Milma Consumer behaviour towards amul products, chocobar, milcream delite, kulfi, pre packed cone etc are also manufactured at Thiruvananthapuram Dairy. This method helps in knowing the ups and down of data respectively. Milma believes in developing rural village community which only helps to develop a strong nation.

Milma Krispy is chocomass coated with water biscuit and milky thunder is tasty enerty bar enrobed with creamy milk chocomass.Consumer Behaviour Towards Amul Products. Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Life Insurance Products Essays and Term Papers Search 1 - 20 of Consumer Buying Behavior For Life Insurance: This report focuses on the consumer behavior and awareness of life insurance towards.

SYNOPSIS INTRODUCTION: “consumer’s buying behaviour mapping with respect to Amul frozen products.” Without consumer behaviour’s understanding it makes gaining more customers difficult, effort to understand the product promotion policy of Amul and buying behavior of the consumers towards AMUL products.

A study on consumer behaviour towards various 4 It is important to understand to choice of consumer towards milk and milk products. Limitation of the study Amul 10 8 Cavinkare 8 7 Vijay 4 3 Nilgiris 4 3 Hatsun 2 1 Sakthi 10 8 Milky mist 8 7 Cavins 6 5. products helps preserve the heritage and culture of Appalachia‖ (53% very believable).

Markets for Specific Forest Foods Of the four specific forest foods examined in the survey – local honey, A Survey of Consumer Behavior and Perceptions in WNC.

A Project Report on the Consumer Behaviour Towards Amul Beverages - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. IT IS A SUMMER INERNHIP PROJECT. Consumer Behavior towards Amul Products 1.

A SUMMER PROJECT PRESENTATION ON “ A study on consumer behavior towards Amul products in Sabarkantha district ” SUBMITTED TO: Mr. P. K. PATEL Adjunct Professor, College of Agribusiness Management, S.


Agricultural University, S. .

Consumer behaviour towards amul products
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