Colleges put too much stock in sat scores

Many students argue that standardized test only appeals to the Caucasians and Asians. But asking schools to stop making SAT and ACT scores a part of college admissions would be absurd because of how much they are weighted in the admission process. Standardized testing adds too much stress to student lives.

That being said, how you perform day in and day out of the classroom over four years is much more important than how you performed for four hours on a Saturday morning, and admissions officers recognize this. Standardized test becomes an issue when they can possibly decide their fate Kohn.

Action in Teacher Education Popham, W. Some would argue that these students are buying a higher score. Students all throughout high school work hard to keep their grade point average at a high level, they become involved in numerous extracurricular activities, and even obtain leadership positions Prince.

The SAT divides its Math, Writing and Critical Reading topics into multiple sections with a variety of question formats, and also includes an additional experimental section.

Compared to more involved assessments, standardized tests are unbiased.

The Truth About Standardized Tests: How They Affect Your College Application

A high test score tells you nothing about how a student will handle the vicissitudes of life or how well they will adapt to their surroundings.

This is called "superscoring," and this often helps bump up the score. Arguments For Standardized Testing Advocates of standardized testing in college admissions say that the SAT and ACT serve as national, standardized scales to determine how prepared students are for college.

So if a student does poorly on one sitting, he or she can either cancel the scores within a few days of taking the test in this case scores will not be reported to the student or any institutionsor choose not to let a school see those scores later by using Score Choice.

By taking practice test, students become familiar with the content and format of each test, enabling them to determine which best suits his or her strengths.

Only time will tell what the future holds for standardized testing in college admissions. Ideally, students should start test prep in the spring of their sophomore year in order to be prepared to take the tests in the fall or spring of junior year.

American School Board Journal, 2 Standardized testing offsets grade inflation. One of the biggest challenges students face is worrying about scoring high on a standardized tests, such as the ACT and the SAT. Standardized testing prepares the student for college.

Schools are used to testing because, even though it has never been proven to indicate real world success, it is an easy way for them to predict academic success. However, they may lack in that one important area Prince. Test scores need to be high enough to be in the "Let me think about it," pile instead of the "no" pile.

For the most part, standardized tests hinder any sort of creative or out-of-the-box thinking, which is a skill needed in college and in the workforce.

Capstone research paper Works Cited Haladyna, T. Standardized tests are also often biased against students from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.

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My test scores are not the best. More Essay Examples on High school Rubric Many colleges make standardized test a major part of their acceptance decision but that does not make the students who they are as whole. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

In recent years, there has been much research and discussion over the use of standardized testing in college admissions. The following are just a few arguments in favor of standardized testing.

Items that a lot of students tend to get correct does not lead to a score spread so those type of questions are not put on the test, but these tend to be the questions that teachers cover Popham. Different schools have different policies on superscoring and how scores are evaluated, so students should check with the admissions office prior to applying.

When the stakes rise, people look for help anywhere they can find it, and companies eager to gain from this desperation by selling test prep materials. In regards to an income bias, wealthy students become more prepared for standardized tests through better life experiences, such as top-quality schools and test prep tutors.Aug 04,  · So which colleges have students with the highest SAT scores?

Below you will find an unfiltered ranking of the top average SAT Critical Reading and Math scores reported to the government for the academic year starting in Fall Many students know that colleges place so much stock into these standardized test scores.

Studies have shown that not all students are able to perform well on these test, standardized test cannot predict how prosperous a student will be (Prince).

When students prepare for and take the SAT or ACT, they learn test-taking skills that will help them in college. Standardized testing offsets grade inflation. With grade inflation on the rise in many school systems, standardized tests offer a way to consistently compare student knowledge and aptitude.

Dec 18,  · By Lauren Glynn. Colleges put too much emphasis on standardized testing. Every college uses standardized tests, such as the ACT, but why can’t colleges just look at our transcripts instead?

Colleges exaggerate the weight of the scores that students earn on standardized tests, thereby focusing too closely on test scores rather than the student’s ability. Instead, colleges and admission boards should look at the grades that students earn in the classroom, which is the place where a student’s capability is truly put to the test.

While many students put most of their energy into acing standardized tests, in reality, grades and the rigor of a student's curriculum are the most important factors in a college application. Standardized test scores are often necessary, but not sufficient for determining admission on their own.

Colleges put too much stock in sat scores
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