Chromotography case essay

I will be using the following chemicals: And to be more accurate the tests are to be performed quite a few times. If the substance spills onto the floor then you should make sure the area is clear, a fresh supply of air is supplied to ventilate the air and the area is cleared up by using a mineral absorbent into a bucket.

Both journalist and forger were imprisoned. Use the graph to measure the concentration of copper ions in your brass solution. Gas Chromatography helps us to analyze contents of a substance very accurately.

Chromotography case essay components of the ink are carried different distances along the paper. For example, I myself use to watch CSI a lot when I was younger and they portray GC as a magical instrument which can identify any unknown sample within minutes and it would even give all the details of its origin and the day it was used.

Place nm filter in the colorimeter and Chromotography case essay the meter to zero using a cuvette filled with water. Instead of checking the handwriting, the police studied paper and ink. Further ink analysis - measuring the slow evaporation of chloride from the ink - suggested that the writing was less than a year old!

Rupert Murdoch bought the rights to translated extracts and started publication of the fake diaries in the British Sunday Times on April 23after first paying for examination by a distinguished English historian who was also initially convinced.

Obtain 2g of defrosted frozen chopped spinach leaves. The main task of the column is to make the compounds pass through different times depending on their properties, this helps to detect them. These can range from cheque forgery to forged signatures by a parent on a child support agreement.

If this is swallowed then you should make sure that the mouth is washed out with fresh tap water and tell the teacher about the incident and seek medical advice.

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Once it reaches that area, the slip is allowed to dry then placed underneath a UV lamp which is used to mark the distance traveled using the retention factor Rf. The TLC method involves using a plastic slip with a coating of silica gel and placing dots at equal distances of each other so there is no mixing of the compounds of the compounds along the base line then placing the slip in a jar filled a suitable solvent and closing the lid.

Other techniques - viewing the document under UV and IR, examination of pen pressures and imprints - are carried out first. However, the environmental conditions which the paper has been exposed to - amount of sunlight, temperature, humidity etc - may affect the rate of change in ink components and so must be taken into account.

Chromatography identified four different ink types in the diaries. Add the filling to the mixture in the fume cupboard. Remove the solution from the conical flask and add it to another cm3 conical volumetric flask.

Fill the column halfway with silica gel. They confirmed that the documents were written by the same person. I will also be wearing my goggles to protect my eyes from any of the substances which I will be using.

Chromatography Case

Use the value to calculate the percentage of copper in your antique brass sample. And when I use any electrical equipment I will make sure that my hands are dry and are not wet because electricity and water do not go on well together. If any of the fumes given off is inhaled then you should make sure that a fresh supply of air is supplied to the person and the person takes medical advice from the GP.

The ink must then be dissolved out of the paper fabric which it has impregnated; this is done with a solvent.

Remember those school experiments with blotting paper or filter paper? They end up being spread out, and you can see the individual components that made up the ink. Martin, Archer, and Richard Synge. Royal Society Publishing, 1 Dec.

This substance is also highly flammable. About this resource This Science essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

This substance is very toxic if it is corrosive and can cause irritation to occur if any contact is made with this substance and the skin or eyes. This substance is also harmful and if it touches your skin or eyes, it could irritate your skin and your eyes.Free Essay: Chromatography Investigation Chromatography is a highly regarded technique used to separate the components of a mixture.

It is based on the. Free paper chromatography papers, essays, and research papers. This free Science essay on Essay: Gas Chromatography is perfect for Science students to use as an example.

Essay Chromatography Investigation Words | 4 Pages. Chromatography Investigation Chromatography is a highly regarded technique used to separate the components of a mixture.

It is based on the principle that each component possesses a unique affinity for a stationary phase and a mobile phase. In this case, the molecules being broken down.

Chromotography Case When I will do my experiment I will make sure that I wear my lab coat at all times when doing my experiment to protect my clothes from any spillages.

I will also be wearing my goggles to protect my eyes from any of the substances which I will be using. The major types are the paper chromatography, thin layer, gas chromatography, column chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography.

Chromotography Case

There are several applications of paper chromatography and other main types of chromatography techniques.

Chromotography case essay
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