Ccea gcse technology coursework

The portfolio size is limited to a maximum of ten A3 sheets or equivalent. In it, students learn about: Engineering Design and Graphical Communication; Unit 2: They must, however, complete the final portfolio within the classroom environment in 20 hours.

Examination Students must complete two Examination papers at the end of Year 12 based on the theory they have covered throughout their GCSE course. Investigation and Analysis of Product Explore a range of existing similar products.

The design portfolio should include: In carrying out this coursework assignment, students should have opportunities to complete the following steps: Evaluate fitness for purpose. Students may practice the required skills outside of the classroom environment.

Find Us GCSE Engineering CCEA This specification encourages a student-centred approach to learning and gives students opportunities to apply their developing knowledge in relevant, enjoyable and work-related contexts.

For more information, see the specification. Students have 5 hours available to do this. Systems Design and Manufacturing Assignment The design portfolio is an integral part of the design project.

Digital applications - CCEA

Re-design Solutions and Development Generate a range of design modifications. Each design project will have its own characteristics and relevant processes, but all design portfolios should cover all of the areas outlined below. Centres select the task that is best suited to their needs. The theme of this paper is distributed to schools prior to the final exam in order to give adequate preparation time.

It also provides some of the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for the National Vocational Qualification in Performing Engineering Operations.

Technology and Design for CCEA GCSE

Product Design and Manufacturing Assignment The design portfolio is an integral part of the design project. Engineering Production; and Unit 3: Present a plan for manufacture. They also have another It allows text to be formatted and may also allow the use of colour and images.

Engineering Production Students make an engineered product made up of two different materials. Students must submit the completed tasks in May of Year PDF files can contain images, text, interactive buttons, hyperlinks, embedded fonts and video.

Students have a total of 5 hours to complete their preparation and research, which they complete under limited supervision. The two coursework units are described in the table below: For each coursework unit, students must complete an internally assessed practical project, which we moderate.

It is ideal for images that use more than colours, such as digital photographs. There may be some links between this unit and the other two. Alternatively, it can be saved without compression to retain per cent of the original image taken.

BMP Bitmap images are large files that require a lot of storage space because no effort is made to reduce the file size. However, they must complete the final product within the classroom environment in 20 hours.


Product Design and Manufacturing. Manufacture Realise a 3-dimensional outcome in a range of materials. Students must analyse an existing product with a view to redesigning it or an aspect of it.

It is ideal for images that have large blocks of a single colour, such as illustrations and logos, and it can support up to a maximum of colours. There are many portable file formats that allow us to share files.

You can do this via email, messaging or social media apps, all of which provide data portability.CCEA Subject Description. There are two compulsory coursework modules: one at AS and one at A2. For each coursework unit, students must complete an.

Technology and Design for CCEA GCSE. By Suzanne Hagan. Price: £ Addresses the previous CCEA specification for GCSE Technology and Design. Covers all the options for the entire examined course. Extremely popular resource. Heavily illustrated and printed in full colour. The advent of digital technology has radically affected our lives, but what are the positive and negative aspects of those changes?

Part of Digital Technology (CCEA). Digital Technology (CCEA) Digital technology (compulsory) Revise. Video CCEA. Ethical, legal and environmental impact - CCEA. Digital applications - CCEA choose your GCSE subjects and see. › GCSE Revised (from ) › GCSE › Entry Level; Examining with CCEA; News and Events CCEA Legacy/New Spec Entry Codes are complex, hard to estimate accurately, and likely to have different values for different people at different times.

Technology and Design is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of. Ccea as Biology Coursework: an Investigation to Measure the Percentage Light Transmission Through a Solution in Which Jelly Cubes Were Immersed over a 24 Hour Period CCEA GCSE BIOLOGY unit 1 notes Essay More about Ccea as Biology Coursework: an Investigation to Measure the Percentage Light Transmission Through a Solution in Which Jelly.

Ccea gcse technology coursework
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