Apollo 13 analysis essay

While doing some regular maintenance on the ship an oxygen tank explodes setting the space craft off course. Additionally, it can be said that Apollo 13 was one of the greatest success stories of human achievement and triumph.

The last critical event brings Mattingly back as an active team member to work in the simulator in order to devise a method for maximizing the limited number of amps available for power.

As well, a major difficulty with the entire Apollo 13 disaster was that at that time nobody—flight or ground crew—knew exactly what happened and how to fix it. Space travel is feared by some because of the unknown mysteries that lay within its endless unexplored territory, but is also admired for the same reason.

His refusal to even consider failure as a possibility was a significant factor resulting in the return of Apollo 13 to earth. Similarly in Houston the ground team worked together as a team, analyzing the series of problems and working together to arrive at a assuredness of purpose and plan.

Furthermore while focused on one united cause there was only one outcome, and it proved to be a miracle.

Apollo 13: Inner Teachings

The success story of Apollo 13 should serve as a reminder that anything is possible. Instead, the ground crew came together and developed a plan of action with only one purpose: The Environment In the yearthe majority of adults, young adults, teens and children have learned and idolized the noble individuals who have ventured into space.

The world stood still, watched and prayed for the safe return of the astronauts, and by overcoming all odds, they did return and in the most remarkable fashion. Their reluctance to utilize the available recourses stems from not knowing their next move; having lost their transmission to mission contr Human will, and the spirit to overcome such adversity can be seen in the hard-work, dedication, sacrifice and trust demonstrated by the astronauts and the members of the ground team alike, especially with so much at stake—human life.

This incident changes the progress of the team due to the fact that the mission to the moon now becomes a mission to safely get back home. The binary scenes between the flights crew in space and the ground crew in Houston depict the collective action of both parties and the importance of teamwork in accomplishing a goal.

But what caused the key, critical events to happen in the first place? The fifth critical event in the movie affects the progress of the Mission Control team, as well as the process of the Apollo 13 crew.

Mattingly is scrubbed from the mission because he is the only member of the primary crew who has never had the measles. All the while not understanding of the cause of the problem, as well as how dire the situation was, and only knowing it was deteriorating quickly.

This scene in the movie demonstrates excellent leadership abilities as the ground engineers relay information to the astronauts, who successfully build a duplicate filter to remove the carbon dioxide from the remaining breathable oxygen supply.

As well, the true leadership and true vision of those involved in Apollo 13 serves as a reminder anything is possible. The ship is left with very little of its resources because of the explosion. It is inferred that these. The simplicity of this final scene in contrast to the epic and immense event is somewhat overpowering and truly exemplifies Apollo 13 as one of the greatest success stories.

The viewer can then relate and infer the relationship between the two events, and assume that the unthinkable happens, disasters strikes thus leaving the astronauts paramount mission—survival.

In the face of this action the flight crew remained remarkably calm, analyzed the situation, communicated with the ground crew and took action. The engineers have a meeting to decide the safest method of returning the crippled spacecraft to Earth.

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Free Essay: Leadership Theories Analysis using the movie Apollo 13 Vision and Value Apollo 13 demonstrates the richness of leadership principles and values.

Apr 03,  · The Apollo 13 mission is one of the best examples of crisis management and teamwork under extreme pressure in history. Apollo Lessons From the Successful Failure.

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Association Lien - Essay Writing Help For Students character analysis; Finding essay examples. Essay example on submarines; BB guns are unsafe; Apollo Inner Teachings. The Apollo 13 is NASA’s seventh Apollo space mission taking human. Apollo 13 Movie Physics Essay Apollo 13 Essay Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly in space or work on the crew at NASA that helps the astronauts get home safely?

These two jobs both use many of the laws of physics.

Apollo 13 analysis essay
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