A personal reflection on the horrors of the holocaust

A culminating project included student research on a Holocaust topic of their choice. These evils are indifference, injustice, intolerance, and ignorance. It makes you think, "What if I was in the situation and what would I do if I was in her place.


Because although history may not repeat itself, it is rare that anything introduced to human history is not used again. For money, power or a chance to spread prejudice about another were millions of people taken up and slaughtered leaving a gaping hole on our society so big we are still feeing it today.

Nothing but nauseating pictures, sad stories, and lessons about evil could convince us to never let something like this happen again. The only thing "objective" about Auschwitz are the victims, the mourners, and those who do penance.

Of course I could have taken revenge, but what would I have become, just like they. However, I realize that it is important to study what happened for a number of reasons. Unfathomable, and sometimes even more disturbing, is the silence of men: Also, in showing us these grim facts, students are forced to realize this is the truth, and stop denying anything so nasty and sick.

Holocaust Reflections Arthur Cohen Simply defined and the simpler the better for our purposesthe death camps were constructed to fulfi1l one purpose: I felt strong disgust at the way the people who did not fit the Aryan race were tortured and killed.

One could smell the stench of burning human flesh, but still did not want to believe that all of this could be true. It is our job, as citizens, to ponder and address those questions long after the tour is over.

This place and everywhere in the world, every human being, regardless how they pray, regardless how they look, should be respected and honored. Nonetheless, the decades have taught me that the only passable route to liberation leads us through memory.

There is never any gigantism here, no sentimental or agonizing lingering over details, no red arrows shot demonstratively across a gray background.

I personally feel it is important to study subjects like this, simply to become more aware, that things like this are possible. It is the golden light of hope that has lifted us out of this period of sorrow, and allowed us to learn from the mistakes made by our peers, so that we may become overall better human beings.

Nor am I saying it in order to revive again the dubious notion of a collective guilt. I truly hope the world never witnesses an event such as the Holocaust again.

Racism is abundant in many parts of the country. He is the representative of a new generation that is wrestling with the ghost of Auschwitz, and has the courage and also the strength to lay claim to this sad inheritance.

She has served on the planning committee of Holocaust Education Week in Toronto. There is little to which we can point in the history of men and nations which is absolutely evil, although the criterion of that abstraction has helped moralists to pronounce upon the relative evils of history.

Movie, books, music and many other things are centered on the Holocaust. You young people, you are going to be the leaders of our country, the senators, the representatives, maybe president.

Introduction to Reflections on the Holocaust

Violence like the Holocaust is something no one should ever have to experience, unfortunately those Jews who were put through the suffering and humiliation were forced to go through unimaginable and terrifying experiences. She taught Russian literature and culture at Stanford and the University of Missouri.

North American Indians have survived in reservations; Jewish reservations in a victorious Nazi empire are inconceivable. I can go further and say that the second world war was engineered or manoeuvred into being by the oil interest of the West in order to get rid of the Jews of Europe in the mistaken belief that they would thus save the vast oil reserves of the Middle East from falling into the hands of a new Zionist state populated by East European Jews who were regarded as Communist sympathisers.

When I did my research project on Dr. This explanation fails on two counts. I was extremely glad to hear about someone who helped the Jews instead of oppressing them, and I was very glad to get him for my project. Held against the tradition of the legitimizing, identity-nurturing monument, the Holocaust monument would have to be thought of as inherently a counter-monument.This paper is a personal reflection on the Holocaust, its impact on the Jewish psyche, and on the anti-Jewish teachings within Christianity, which over many centuries created a climate of hatred, contempt, and suspicion of the Jews that made it possible for the Holocaust to happen within the heart.

Yom HaShoa: A Personal Reflection April 24, Holidays, Loss 0 Comments Not too long ago as I was passing through the Jewish ghetto in Rome, I happened upon the exact location where—74 years ago—my fellow Italian citizens had been rounded up and herded onto cattle cars to.

Introduction to Reflections on the Holocaust. by Julia Zarankin. InHumanity in Action published its first book, Reflections on the Holocaust. In this introduction, Julia Zarankin, the volume's editor, discusses how this collection of essays exemplifies the spirit of Humanity in Action's educational programs.

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The life stories of Holocaust survivors transcend the decades and remind us of the constant need to be vigilant citizens and to stop injustice, prejudice, and hatred wherever and whenever they occur. This podcast series presents excerpts of interviews with Holocaust survivors from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s public program.

Find an answer to your question How is Wiesel’s memoir effective in addressing the horrors of the Holocaust? Check all that apply. Wiesel’s memoir effective in addressing the horrors of the Holocaust? Check all that apply. connect with the author’s experiences. Wiesel’s personal reflection on the Holocaust illustrates its /5(22).

A personal reflection on the horrors of the holocaust
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